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Aegean Lubricants are manufactured to meet the latest strictest specifications of engines and machinery manufacturers and are on a par with lubricants of the highest qualitative characteristics of multinational companies. The advantages of Aegean lubricants are many and differ depending on their applications. The main development axes of the new range of products include:

- Commitment to Quality
- Full coverage of market needs
- Peak technology
- Reasonable cost

The above mentioned four items formed the basis for the development of new lubricants which utilize the capabilities of contemporary technology in the sector, in automotive lubricants as well as industrial and marine lubricants. With its entry into the lubricants sector, Aegean becomes something more than a quality products and energy services trading company, it is being transformed into a company with products of innovative technology, where the products equal its corporate image and are introduced into every sector of the relative market, such as: gas stations and therefore motorists, industrial clients, dealers, authorized service stations, construction companies, shipping companies, etc.

High product technology requires high production and quality control specifications, and sufficient resources to develop and maintain the quality and innovative nature of produced products. All this is secured during the production of Aegean lubricants due to the infrastructure of the Group's state of the art lubricants plant in Aspropyrgos.

Aegean's industrial production unit in Aspropyrgos has been designed according to the strictest American specifications, guarantee of proper operation. The installations belong to the Aegean Group since November 2006 and maintain a Chevron Texaco and FAMM lubricants production contract. The lubricants production know how is a heritage element to the staff of the installations and an important development component of the Aegean lubricants series.

The choice of suppliers for the Aegean lubricants production was performed according to the strictest quality criteria, since the main goal is for the company not to come second to its multinational competitors but to provide products equal or better than theirs. Top choices in the additives sectors, Lubrizol, Infineum, Oronite, and in the basic oils sector, ExxonMobil, were a one way street for the production capacity of 40,000 MT/year, with adequate storage areas for the maintenance of supplies of basic oils and ready to use products as well, a fact of great importance for the supply of the Domestic Market as well as for the Marine Lubricants sector.

It also includes two (2) filling lines 1-5lt (one fully automatic, the other semiautomatic), another semiautomatic pails' filling machine, and finally a double stream drums filling machine, covering production and ready to use lubricants needs.

The production process of Aegean lubricants meets all contemporary specifications of Quality Management standards of multinational companies and is part of the Integrated Production Management System. Every part of ready product is certified by a series of Quality Controls, which take place in the Quality Control Lab of the installation, to ensure its best performance when used by end consumers.

Our products have a production and manufacturing label, through which raw materials and production conditions can be identified at any given moment. At the same time, the Quality Controls, which take place in the Quality Control Department provides technical support, after sales service, to Aegean's customers, through analyses of used oils, where the lubricant's use and quality history in the engine or in the mechanical parts is located and relative actions regarding the proper operation of the customer's equipment are suggested.

The range of developed products covers the entire specter of lubrication needs of the most advanced engines, with synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants, as well as the conventional ones with mineral base lubricants. Furthermore, the new series include products for the Industry and for specialized applications, where lubrication demands special technological solutions.

Lubrication is one of the greatest challenges and we at Aegean know well the obligations and the difficulties that exist in fully covering market needs. This is why:

- We created high technology products which cover all lubrication needs, by offering a complete series of products
- We provide complete and integrated services, even for the most complex of equipment.
- We focus on our customers' needs and contribute in deed to their business results, by cutting down drastically on maintenance costs.
- We set up the most specialized team of mechanics for the study and provision of thorough lubrication solutions.

As a result, we are in a position to become the closest and exclusive associate in the sectors of automobiles, transport, industry and shipping. Furthermore, with the introduction of Aegean lubricants in the gas station network, it becomes possible for the company and its associates to offer consumers, in addition to quality and inexpensive fuels, a complete series of quality products.
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The range of Aegean products includes 114 products covering all lubrication needs of vehicles and Industry, and are available in all popular market packing, such as:

Bottles: 1lt, 4lt
Pails: 20lt, 16kg (grease)
Drums: 208ltI
BC Containers 1000lt

The automobile lubricant series include the following categories:

Aegean VELOX

A series of products for petrol engines of passenger cars. Includes:

- Synthetic e.g. VELOX 5W-30, 5w40
- Semi synthetic e.g. VELOX 10W-40
- Monograde and Multigrade Lubricants, e.g.: VELOX 15W-40, 20W-50, SAE 30, SAE40

The use of Aegean Velox lubricants for passenger cars ensures high engine performance, economy of fuel, excellent endurance in difficult driving conditions, and at the same time high protection from wear.
The Aegean Velox series for petrol engines and passenger cars diesel engines consists of products especially designed according to the latest standards of high technology advanced engines and is the proper choice to meet the increased lubrication needs of contemporary petrol engines and passenger car diesel engines.

Aegean VIGOR

The extremely harsh operation conditions of diesel engines demand lubricants that maintain the engine in excellent condition, ready to perform at its best. Aegean Vigor lubricants ensure reinforced protection against wear, engine longevity, fuel economy, large intervals in lubricant renewal, protection in high loads and extreme operation conditions and at the same time protection of the environment.

Product series for diesel engines of Trucks-Buses and non-street vehicles. Includes:

- Synthetic & semi synthetic e.g. VIGOR 10w40
- Monograde and Multigrade Lubricants e.g.: VIGOR 15W-40, 20W-50, SAE 10W, SAE 20W20, SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50

Series of products for motorcycle petrol engines. Includes:

- Synthetic and semi synthetic, e.g.: VELOX GP 4T-S 10W 40, VELOXSYNTHETIC2T-S, VELOX 2T-S
- Mineral base lubricants, e.g.: VELOX GP 4T SAE 20W-50, VELOX 2T

Series of products for agricultural machinery e.g. VECTOR, VECTORTRANS

Gear lubricants series for passenger and professional vehicles, e.g. VITO GEAR EP 80w90, VITO GEAR HYPOID 75W-90

Grease series for any application

Series of products for automatic gear boxes and transmission. In the automobile series of products are also included:

- Breaks fluids
- Anti freeze fluids
- General use lubricants and
- Special products for automobile care

The industrial series of products include:

- Turbine Oils
- Refrigeration Oils
- Compressors Oils
- Air Tool lubricants
- Heat Transfer Oils
- Machinery and special tools lubricants
- Transformer Oils
- Circulating Systems Oils
- Industrial Gear Oils