Shore Storage

Aegean Oil Terminal Corporation (AOT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Aegean Marine Petroleum Network, has completed construction of a new terminal in Fujairah Oil Industry Zone, adjacent to the Port of Fujairah with approximately 465,000 m3 of storage. It is designed to store Class I, Class II, and Class III products from naphtha/gasoline to fuel oil.

The terminal features 15 storage tanks and direct pipeline access to the Port of Fujairah's common jetty manifold system, in-tank and in-line blending, tank and pipeline heating and a truck loading station with two bays.

In keeping with Aegean's company-wide focus on safety the terminal is equipped with secondary spill containment and leak detection systems on all tanks. Aegean has taken great steps to ensure the terminal meets its strict quality standards and is proud to announce its completion.

Any interested parties can contact AOT for their storage needs:
PIC: Winson Low
TEL: +1 832 916 6996, +971 922 816 00

Aegean is also operating the bunkering Oil terminal in Tanger Med composed of 7 tanks with a total capacity of 218,000m3. Two oil jetties to load and unload import cargoes and bunker barges are available offering a draft of 15m and max LOA 260m.

The purpose of the terminal is to store products for the bunkering activity in the strait of Gibraltar as well as to supply the inland market.

Any possibility to lease tanks can be considered following availability.
PIC: Jean Jose Metey
TEL: +30 6955 065 438