We Care

Aegean Marine Petroleum appreciates the value of the environment and the concerns of those living within it.  We operate our worldwide Service Stations using international established standards and procedures in such a way to ensure safe, healthy and effective environmental performance. We impose strict standards on all our operations, and accept nothing less.  We are certified by Lloyds for our environmental management system with the latest standard ISO 9001: 2015 for our quality management system.All grades that we deliver meet the latest ISO standards. Our deliveries are in accordance with regulations 14 and 18 of MARPOL   73/78 Annex VI and Solas regulation VI/5-1(MSDS).Aegean Marine Petroleum will continue to maintain a dialogue with all interested parties in the industry and local communities to ensure that the integrity of our operations meets the Health and Safety expectations of the local communities and the regulatory requirements of the statutory authorities.