Physical Operation

  • Algoa Bay
    Aegean Marine Petroleum Group commenced bunker supply operations in Port Elizabeth and Coega Port (Algoa Bay) in 2016.

    This development is a first for the South African bunkering marketing representing the first location in the country where bunkering of vessels at anchorage is offered.

    Algoa bay is strategically situated on South Africa’s south-east coast along the main shipping route with minimal deviation of only 8-10 miles for vessels transiting between the Middle East, Europe and North America. The bay’s wide area has space for 50 vessels at anchorage and while well-protected has open access to the high seas.

    Bunker supplies are conducted by fully-owned double-hull bunker barges to vessels at anchorage without having to berth in port.

    Supply at anchorage considerably reduces time spent on deviation and waiting for bunkering operations and significantly reduces the port fees inherent in bunkering in other South African locations.

    Aegean offers RMG 380 and Marine Gasoil (MGO).
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  • A.R.A and English Channel
    Aegean North-West Europe manages the group’s physical supply activities in the regions of Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam and the English Channel.

    Bunkering is conducted by a fleet of Marine Inland and Estuary Bunker Barges, equipped with sophisticated in-line blending systems designed to blend to the exact quality requested.

    Aegean in the English Channel, North Sea and St. George Channel provides also in-port and offshore bunkering services in numerous locations including. A full range of delivery port and product options is available upon request.
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  • Canary Islands
    Aegean started physical supplies in the Canary Islands in 2010 and now ranks amongst the leading suppliers.

    The group supplies in Las Palmas and Tenerife which are important bunkering hubs for shipping between Europe, Mediterranean, West and South Africa and South America.

    Aegean provides a 24/7 operation utilizing a fleet of oil major approved double-hull bunker barges to deliver all grades of marine fuels at the latest ISO specifications.

    Supply ex-pipe is available at the following wharfs in Las Palmas:

    • Leon y Castillo
    • Primo De Rivera
    • Muelle Grande
    • Pantalan De Cory (Fransary)

    Agency appointment is compulsory for bunkering purposes in both Las Palmas and Tenerife.
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  • Gibraltar
    Gibraltar, due to its geographical position on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, has become one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean.

    Aegean, by starting its successful operation in Gibraltar port in 1998, has added more value to the bunkering services of the port, and since then is considered to be one of the major physical suppliers in the area.

    Aegean supplies all grades of fuel oil and Marine gasoil 0.1% with its major approved double-hull barges at the designated anchorage in the bay or at berth in the harbor.

    The fact that all our products meet the latest ISO specifications coupled with our in-house ship agency makes our customers enjoy the quality and service they deserve.
  • Gulf of Mexico
    Aegean operates physical supply in international waters off the coasts of Texas and Louisiana. This allows vessels in the Gulf of Mexico to avoid the port fees and deviations when calling at other bunkering locations.

    Aegean has the flexibility to berth alongside vessels of different size and class. This has proven invaluable to the tanker fleets deployed in the region.

    The standard supply locations in the Gulf of Mexico are:

    • Offshore Galveston 28-40N 094-40W
    • South Sabine Point 28-40N 093-30W
    • Off Southwest Pass 28-23N 090-36W
    • Offshore LOOP 28-47N 090-00W

    Customers wishing to arrange supply outside of these standard locations should enquire with the supply team in order to discuss the details.
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  • Jamaica
    Aegean Marine Petroleum Group commenced physical supply operations in Kingston, Falmouth, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay in 2005.

    Jamaica is strategically located as a bunkering point for vessels coming to or leaving the US Gulf heading to West Africa, and South America.

    Aegean's fleet of fully-owned high specification double-hull barges operate on a 24/7 basis in Jamaica supplying all grades of High Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO) and Marine Gasoil (MGO) to the latest ISO specifications.

    Aegean supplies vessels working in port or on a bunkers only basis at:
    • inner and outer anchorage
    • alongside berth concurrent with cargo operations

    Agency appointment is compulsory for all bunkering purposes and we can provide this service to our clients through Aegean Agency, our own agency company.
  • Los Angeles- Long Beach
    Aegean supplies marine fuels at the US West Coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
    We provide physical supplies of intermediate fuel oil (IFO) and low sulphur marine gas oil (LSMGO) at both ports.

    Our vertically integrated logistics chain includes: blending, storage and delivery and a "highly experienced" sales and operations team.

    Aegean will use Vopak's terminal as its storage facility. Eight segregated tanks with over 60,000 metric tonnes (mt) of storage capacity will be used to store both fuel oil and distillates.

    Barging will be conducted by WestoilMarine Services with state of the art fleet with discharge rates up to 700 MTS/HR assure a fast turnaround.  Each barge is equipped with segregated tanks for delivery of multiple products during one supply, generating further cost and time savings for our customers.

    Aegean is capable of delivering bunkers alongside at berth or at the anchorage for bunkers-only calls and vessels awaiting a berth.

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  • Tanger Med (Morocco)
    Aegean started physical supply operations in the Port of Tanger Med in 2009.
    Located between Tangiers and Ceuta, Tanger Med is one of the strategically important ports in the Gibraltar Straits bunkering hub.

    A fleet of oil major approved double-hull barges is employed to deliver all grades of High Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO) and Marine Gasoil 0.1% corresponding to ISO specifications.

    Bunker deliveries take place at these locations:
    • Tanger Med in port
    • Alcazar Anchorage
    • Fnideq anchorage

    Aegean operates a 220,000 cbm marine storage facility at Tanger Med, one of the largest in the Gibraltar Straits.
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  • Trinidad & Tobago
    AEGEAN is conveniently located 13 nm north of territorial waters from the Port of Spain.  This location is a prime location for supplying vessels working in the Gulf of Paria, as well as bunker only calls.  AEGEAN started operation there in 2009.

    Our newly built double-hull barges, supply all grades of High Sulphur Fuel Oil and Marine Gasoil DMA, 24 hours / 7 days a week meeting latest ISO specifications.  Due to our offshore location, no agents are necessary, and vessels can simply follow our calling instructions.

    AEGEAN’s competitive delivered pricing and high quality fuel make our offshore location a popular destination for many customers.  Our barges high pumping rates and large fuel capacity allow us to service all sectors across the maritime industry in an efficient manner.

    Our high-quality logistics infrastructure allows us to supply nominated vessels without delay towards their destination.

    Trinidad has recently become the leading LNG exporter to the United States, accounting for nearly 70 % of all US LNG imports. AEGEAN is equipped and ready to handle increased demand for all bunker calls.
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  • USA - East Coast
    After the Acquisition of Hess Bunkers in December of 2013, Aegean USA is now supplying bunker fuels in the ports of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk/Newport News (also known as Hampton Roads) and Charleston, South Carolina. We supply all grades of High and Low Sulphur Fuel Oil and Marine Gasoi, meeting latest ISO Specifications.

    All of the deliveries are made to the vessels using 5,000 mt double hulled barges that are owned and operated by the Vane Brothers Company. All of the barges are segregated so deliveries with multiple products can be made on one barge. We are available for quoting and delivering on a 24/7 basis.
    Agency is mandatory in all ports.


    We deliver bunker fuel out of the Buckeye Terminals in Bayonne NJ and Brooklyn NY. In addition to barge deliveries, the Bayonne facility can also deliver HSFO and LSFO  ex-pipe while a vessel is alongside the dock.


    Deliveries are made out of the Buckeye Terminal is Pennsauken NJ. We also have to the contract to deliver HSFO via ex-pipe to all the vessels that call on the Fort Mifflin Terminal in Philadelphia, Pa. The port of Philadelphia covers Wilmington and Delaware City, Deleware as well.


    We deliver out of the Buckeye Terminal in Baltimore, MD. Vessel calling on Annapolis and Sparrows Point are also covered out of Baltimore.


    Deliveries are made out of the Buckeye Terminal in Chesapeake, Va.


    We deliver out of the Buckeye Terminal in Charleston SC.
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  • Vancouver
    In 2008, Aegean became a supplier in Vancouver.

    Vancouver's strategic importance as a bunkering hub on the West Coast of North America comes from it being one of the sheltered deep water and ice-free ports closest to the Asian markets, up to 2, 5 days steaming closer than the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

    Aegean also offers regional supply to areas including New Westminster, Nanaimo and Victoria at Vancouver Island.
    Aegean owns two modern double hull barges which gives flexibility to deliver all grades of Heavy fuel (RMK, RMG etc etc) and low sulfur Marine Gasoil at high pumping rates 24 / 7.

    Supply by barge can take place at the majority of Vancouver's docks and terminals. In most cases, supply can be arranged to be concurrent with cargo operations with the exception of hazardous cargoes.
    The appointment of a ship's agent is mandatory in Vancouver.
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